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December 2018 - July 2019


One of Vancouver’s largest onsite refuelling companies, Proquip Diesel, brings fuel to construction sites across British Columbia. Their trucks go to construction sites when clients need them to fill generators and construction equipment like excavators, tractors, and loaders with fuel. This is cheaper, safer, and more environmentally responsible than driving or towing construction equipment around to distant fuel stations.

“Because we use route optimization to plan our customers’ refuelling schedule and can strategically send a single refuelling vehicle to multiple construction sites in the same vicinity, we use less fuel than they would otherwise,” says Steve Porchetta, the President and founder of the company.


As the construction industry boomed, so did demand for fuel. Customers would call, email, or text at all hours of the day asking Proquip to come and refuel their equipment.

“We wanted to use software to automate a lot of the tedious, operational tasks like taking orders, scheduling routes and making sure information about the order is correctly passed on to us,” says Steve.

Large construction sites are complicated to manage and could use up fuel faster than expected. So, many of these orders would be made last-minute, making order management and delivery a headache even if the order-taking process was automated.

“Even after we started using software to plan our routes, we still had a problem making sure we did not forget an order or account for last-minute scheduling requests.”


The first thing Steve wanted to change was the way customers place orders so that they could deliver better customer service at scale.

“Our customers were already using WhatsApp and Telegram to send in their orders. So, we knew many of the foremen at the construction site—the ones responsible for ordering fuel—were already using apps and smartphones,” says Steve.

Steve worked with Afi Labs to build an app that would allow customers to place orders for same or next day fuel service. The white-labelled app lets Proquip’s customers add addresses to an order by either typing in an address or specifying the location on a map. These addresses can then be used again for a different order. A single foreman might supervise multiple construction sites so this prevented him from having to type in the same address over and over again.

Going digital means Proquip is better enabled to nudge their customers to order fuel on time. This is a win-win situation since customers get their fuel when they need it, and Proquip has doesn’t have to deal with last minute requests.

“Another big advantage of the app was that we could send an in-app notification each morning to remind our customers to order fuel for the day. We used to get so many last-minute requests because people simply forgot about it, so this has saved us from scrambling last minute. Plus it boosted our sales!” Steve quips.

These orders are then accessed by Proquip’s staff on a web based customer portal. “The customer portal lets us filter the orders by delivery date, so we can easily pull all the orders that need to be fulfilled on a specific day and export it to a spreadsheet. We then import the orders into our routing software (Routific) and do the route optimization and dispatch from there,” Steve says.

Managing orders and making sure that last minute cancellations or last minute requests were correctly reflected in a master spreadsheet used to take hours. With the software that Afi Labs built, it takes just seconds to update data and reoptimize routes.

Despite a massive increase in order volume, Proquip has not seen their manpower costs rise much at all. “Our business has grown very quickly but we haven’t had to hire more people to manage the operations and handle customer support because most of it is automated.”

Client comment

I really like the working style of the Afi Labs team. We definitely plan to incorporate technology into every aspect of our operations. We’ve seen how easy it is to build software if you have a good partner, and we will definitely want to work with Afi Labs again.

Steve Porchetta

President and Founder, Proquip


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