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Sep 2019 - Dec 2020


Ask Jagmal Singh, Chief Technology Officer of Janio Asia, about his top priority, and his answer is: “Keeping our customers happy.”

Janio is a technology company that provides seamless end-to-end logistics solutions in Southeast Asia for companies that sell physical goods (like coffee makers) on platforms such as Shoppee and Lazada.

Imagine the complexity of cross-border logistics today. “You can have an online shop in Indonesia, selling a product manufactured and stored in Vietnam, to a customer in Singapore!” Jagmal explains.

Janio’s work is to coordinate logistics to get that product safely and on time to the customer.


Before Jagmal joined as Janio’s CTO, Janio was already operating successfully for several years. Janio was directly integrated with e-commerce platforms as a shipping option.

Jagmal had studied computer science at premier engineering college Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and has been running engineering teams for most of his career.

Besides growing the tech team and building software that delivers value to users, Jagmal’s main goal was getting a transport management system (TMS) up and running. Janio calls it their Janio Transport Management System (JTMS).

Afi Labs collaborated with Janio’s engineering and product teams to build a world-class transport management system. “We engaged Afi Labs to work with our engineers because of their deep expertise building logistics software. They know what works and what doesn’t,” Jagmal says.


There are two main parts to JTMS: An admin backend that gives a bird’s eye view of where everything is and a driver app to coordinate first and last mile pickups and drop-offs.

The admin panel lets Janio search for any order based on filtered like status, pickup or delivery date, and customer name. The customer success team can quickly let customers know where their package is and when it will arrive.

The most used feature overall is the shipment tracker, giving both the customer support team and the customers an “at a glance” view of where each package is at any given time.

When a customer makes an order, the order is sent to JTMS and marked as ready for pickup.

The JTMS pushes this information to the assigned driver (drivers are assigned predefined zones based on the zipcode of the pickup address) on his app so he knows exactly where to go.

Pickups are aggregated based on address, so that pickups at the same location are grouped together.

When the driver arrives, he scans in the shipping label to mark the package as picked up. The barcode also prevents the driver from mistakenly picking up a package not registered in JTMS and prevents mistakes due to manual data entry.

This feature was built specifically to enable high-speed barcode scanning, and is also the feature drivers enjoy the most! The rapid-fire barcode scanner helps drivers scan multiple packages consecutively, shaving seconds off at each stop they make but improving user experience and delivery speed without sacrificing accuracy.

“This way we know exactly where each and every package is at any time, even when the package crosses borders, and this process is repeated until the package is delivered to the end customer,” explains Jagmal.


Jagmal has big goals for Janio, seeing Janio not just as a logistics solution provider, but eventually as a trusted system for partners.

The goal is to increase visibility and coordinate the flow of goods through Janio’s supply chain. Moreover, JTMS is scalable.

“We want to use JTMS as a platform that our partners in different cities across Southeast Asia can use to scale their delivery operations,” Jagmal says.

“We plan to eventually build JTMS into a multi-tenant system that partners can use. This way, Janio can increase reach without needing heavy investments in infrastructure or drivers.”


Each time errors are made and customers don’t get their parcels satisfactorily, trust is eroded.

Yet, despite the increased speed, delivery volume and customer satisfaction, Jagmal attests that Janio has seen a marked decrease in mistakes from human error after JTMS was implemented.

Besides immediate improvements like delivery accuracy and increased customer happiness, the wealth of data captured by JTMS will help Janio understand where bottlenecks and inefficiencies are.

The bottom line for any logistics company is back to Jagmal’s original priority: Are customers happy? Are the parcels delivered well?

“It is much harder for a package to be misplaced or go missing now that we have full visibility on where everything is,” says Jagmal. “Our ability to get repeat business depends on our reputation in being the trusted logistics partner for our customers.”


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