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May 2018 - Dec 2018


Over a thousand independent businesses partner with FedEx Ground as contractors. Vikram Sekhon is one of them. Based in California's Central Valley, he saw an opportunity to expand efficient logistics operations to meet the growing demands of consumers.

As a Ground contractor, Vikram is responsible for purchasing his own fleet, hiring and training staff, and executing daily operations.

Business Challenge

Coordinating a fleet of 20 vehicles in no easy feat. Vikram delivers to as many as 2,500 customers per day.

Prior to using software built by Afi Labs, Vikram relied on pen and paper to manage his logistics operations. His drivers worked autonomously and often planned their own routes without coordinating orders.

Vikram's previous planning process didn't have the capacity to organize his fleet's stops, visualize customer locations on a map, and failed to pinpoint where the package was placed within his trucks.

Consequently, Vikram was overwhelmed with the bombardment of logistic issues on a daily basis.


In response to Vikram's challenges, Afi Labs collaborated with Routific Inc to build Urbanlytics – a dynamic routing and delivery management platform for FedEx Ground contractors.

Urbanlytics enables logistics operators and drivers to visualize assigned jobs on a dynamic map, provides drivers the flexibility of choosing their route order, and optimizes their deliveries based on their preferences.

Afi Labs took extra steps to understand the user's needs in order to develop an optimized solution.


There’s no need to mess around with GPX files or manual data imports. The platform pulls delivery data directly from FedEx's system and displays their location together with the address, number of packages, and shelf ID (where the package is located in the driver's truck).

Using touch gestures, drivers can seamlessly select a portion or all of their jobs and receive in-app turn-by-turn directions to complete their jobs easily. This means that new drivers can manage their work area like a seasoned vet – even on day one.


Urbanlytics has saved 17% of their net operating costs. Now Vikram's fleet is equipped to handle all of their assigned jobs in a single day. It also allows novice drivers to perform to standards comparable to veteran drivers. With the help of Afi Labs, Vikram is able to manage his fleet and scale his business effectively.

Client comment

Afi Lab's platform is tailored to my every need while leaving room for flexibility for unexpected delivery orders and delays. My drivers are no longer struggling with delivery orders and can respond to any issue that arises while out in the field.

Vikram Sekhon

Ground Operator



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