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About Afi Labs

At Afi Labs, we build rigorous software solutions for transportation and logistics companies. For public agencies, we use fare card data to build apps that let transit planners monitor congestion and quality of service. For e-commerce startups, we solve complicated routing and scheduling problems to facilitate time and fuel savings on deliveries. As for third party logistics companies, we build and design fleet management systems that enable real time fleet monitoring, driver management and proof of delivery.

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Rapid Prototyping
We work together with your team to build new features in tightly integrated, iterative product cycle.
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Complete Customization
We build you own. 100% customizability. No annual license fees and lock-in to proprietary workflows and data formats.
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Engaging User Experience
Using research, strategy, and design, we create engaging user experiences that your team will use and love.
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Powerful and Scalable
Our fast, fully managed cloud solutions makes it simple and cost-effective to scale up your operations when needed.
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Delivery Engine

The Afi Delivery Engine is a robust, web based fleet management system that both increases the operational efficiency and improves the end-to-end supply chain visibility.

It brings your delivery service up to feature parity with large logistics companies such as UPS and Fedex by allowing your staff to create, track and invoice customer orders as well as provide real time package monitoring, driver management and proof of delivery to your customers.

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Route Optimization

Afi's route optmization systems helps logistics and e-commerce companies save time and money by efficiently assigning deliveries to vehicles.

Delight your customers and increase the utilization of your fleet - our advanced routing algorithms minimize the distance your drivers need to cover while respecting time windows, vehicle capacity and other constraints.

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Bus Analytics

BusViz is a web based application that allows transit regulators and bus operators to easily use ground truth data to monitor and visualize the performance of their fleet.

Our interactive dashboard uses Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Passenger Count (APC) data to allow users to infer bus crowdedness, wait times and arrival frequency with high accuracy, allowing you to diagnose problems and improve the commuter experience.

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Taxi Analytics

A project of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, TaxiViz is a Big Data solution for taxi fleets. It uses advanced algorithms and powerful big data infrastructure to distill insights and analysis from real time data. An analytics dashboard captures performance metrics and consumer experience in real time while a driver app increases fleet efficiency and profitability by directing taxis to areas of high unmet demand.

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Our Customers

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